Lifeless Planet вышла для Linux (бета версия)

  • Lifeless Planet

    Доступна только для x64 версий. Пока не работает система достижений Steam и есть нерешенные проблемы со звуком.

    Hi guys, I'm happy to finally make the Linux Beta available for your review. This is an "early access" of sorts in that I need the community's help to test out this build and let us know if it's working well.

    Hardware requirements should hold pretty close to the PC (windows) specs. In regards to Linux, you'll need a 64-bit OS.

    Known Issues:
    -There's no Steam Achievements support right now.
    -We noticed choppy sounds at the start of the game.

    If you've purchased the game, here's how you get access to the Linux beta:

    1. Open properties for Lifeless Planet in your Steam library (right click game title)
    2. Go to the Betas tab.
    3. Select "devbeta2 - Linux Beta" from the list
    4. Enter access code: "mysteriousPlan"

    Please understand this is an early Beta and our first go at a Linux build for any game... so apologies in advance if it fails to run or is buggy. If you don't want to help testing, better to wait for the final release. THANK YOU in advance for those of you who can provide feedback and help with this project. I can only provide my thanks, but it's a very sincere thanks!


    Lifeless Planet (Безжизненная планета) — головоломка-платформер, разработанная независимой компанией Stage 2 Studios. Игра создавалась с 2011 года в основном одним человеком — Дэвидом Бордом (David Board).

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